FileMaker Pro Database Design, Customization, Development, and Training.

For Service Businesses: Do you need to keep better track of your business information? Are you a manager, business owner, consultant, team leader, or somebody who needs to keep on top of the many aspects of running a successful service business? Are you struggling with:

  • Business systems that are inefficient or out of date?
  • Valuable information "falling through the cracks" or getting lost?
  • Routine procedures that eat up too much valuable time?
  • Difficulties following up with your customers or prospects?

We specialize in database design, customization, training, and development capabilities that you need to do your business better.

How We Can Help You:
How to handle all the many wonderful opportunities coming in? Streamline your customer relationship management system
Our information changes so rapidly; how to keep up to date? Automate the print/web publishing process.
Our data is so complicated we're losing track of things! Restructure your data for easier management.
Burdensome regulatory compliance requirements Improve the user interface of your database.

What others have said:
"Bob Harlow's work is consistently creative, practical, and impeccable. He's an exceptional problem-solver, empathetic listener, and models true collaboration and good people skills. My staff and I aptly call him, 'The Wizard.' Our capacity for delivering quality customer service is a direct result of his programming skills." - Angeles Arrien, Cultural Anthropologist


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